Air Bar Max Disposable – Blueberry Raspberry

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If you are a air bar max blueberry raspberry flavors, you are going to love this one. It is made from a blend of blueberries and raspberry flavoring to give you a smooth taste that will definitely make your mouth water.


A fresh mix of berries, this Blueberry Raspberry Air Bar Max flavor is a great choice for anyone who enjoys fruity vapes. It has a sweet taste and imparts a hint of cool menthol on exhale.

Air Bar Max Disposable - Blueberry Raspberry


A blend of blueberries and raspberries with a subtle hint of menthol to boot. Air Bar Max has a long list of flavors to please your vaping palate, some of which are even more creative than the usual Pina Colada or orange juice based offerings.


Using a 1250mAh battery to power the large mouthpiece and heating element, this one meter high, er, cylinder delivers 2000 plus puffs on a single fill. The best part is that the device does not have to be plugged into a wall for your daily fix.


If you are a fan of fruity vape juice, you will definitely love the Air Bar Max Mango. This fruity blend is a tropical mix of strawberry and mango flavors, which are extra sweet and accompanied by a light touch of ice for a refreshing finish.

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